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Cornucopia Coven is the inner circle of the Cornucopia Collective


Our Cornucopia overflows with the belief that creating a strong, healthy inner circle will create a strong, healthy outer community.  


The mission of the Cornucopia Coven is dedicated to the development & innovation of the Pagan religious faith and those who preside over it.  Founded on the core values of constancy, stability, integrity and wisdom; our coven members are dedicated Pagan clergy, leaders, educators and mentors; devoted to service, teaching, supporting and creating community.

Positions within Cornucopia Collective
Because we believe learning, growth and wisdom should be a life-long pursuit; Cornucopia Coven does not prescribe to a rigid degree system, rather we honor the multiple ways in which one can be an Elder within our inner circle.

  • Initiated Priest/Priestess within the Coven: An Elder of the Cornucopia who has chosen to dedicate themselves to lifelong pursuit of developing as clergy within the Pagan religious faith, bound themselves to the service of the ancient Gods and the care taking of the Cornucopia Coven and Community; and undergone the transformational journey of initiation.


      This position should only be taken after a lengthy and serious study filled with commitment and contemplation;  these Elders have received the Call to Service directly from the ancient Gods and only the ancient Gods can truly make a Priest or Priestess.


  • Dedicated Member within the Coven: An Elder of the Cornucopia who has completed the Wicca 101 course training and shown dedication to the Cornucopia Community through consistent and constructive contribution, strong ethical character and providing guidance and support towards others within the community.  This position is should only be taken by those who feel they can fulfill and uphold the mission of the Cornucopia and are seriously interested in pursuing a committed path of service, mentorship and study within Cornucopia Coven.

Cornucopia Community, our Outer circle:

  • Loyal Regulars within the Outer Circle: You are the ones who truly keep this community thriving!  You are the ones who attend events and classes; who share their time and talents with others in the community, give of yourselves and support all the hard work done by the inner circle, and you give the best hugs!  We could not appreciate you all more!!!


  • Collective Contributors: Honored guests who come to share their knowledge, skills or offerings with the Cornucopia Community.


  • Laity:  You come to a few open rituals a year, popping in and out when you have the time; we enjoy your company while you’re with us, but commitment is just not your style…that’s cool.


  • Newbies: You are the ones who are just getting your feet wet within Paganism and the Cornucopia Community…and that’s great! You bring fresh energy, new insights and a beginner’s perspective! Welcome!!!!


The Cornucopia Collective is the collective of all inner and outer circle member, attendees, guests, and the greater community… we honor the importance and contribution of all who gather and share within the Cornucopia.

Outer Circle Members Wanting to be an Inner Circle Member

Membership within the Cornucopia Coven is contingent upon many factors, including but not limited to:

  • Under going a minimum of a year-and-a-day study via our Wicca 101 series before entering consideration for further development, growth and dedication as an initiant or dedicant within the coven.

  • A consistent dedication to the extended community through displaying a strong moral character and ethical behavior, and respectful and compassionate leadership.

  • Emotional maturity and stability, and ability to model appropriate boundaries and behavior in daily life and within the community.

  • Commitment to living a life of growth, learning, understanding and transformation; both in personal time of mediation, reflection and contemplation and in connection with others. 

  • Healthy communication and willingness to continue to process, reflect and seek supervision regarding community and coven matters.

  • Service orientation to the ancient Gods, to our magical community and to each other that is empowered yet humble; the reward is the work itself.

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