Cornucopia Coven is the Inner Circle of the Cornucopia Collective 


Officially established in February 2015 (though a work in progress for many decades), the Cornucopia Coven seeks the betterment of the Pagan community at large by rooting itself in the core values of constancy, stability and integrity and offering that to the fellowship we share with the Boston Pagan Community. 

Our mission is dedicated to the development & innovation of the Pagan religious faith, in the service of the ancient Gods, to our magical community and to each other.  Our Cornucopia overflows with the belief that creating a strong, healthy inner circle will create a strong, healthy outer community.


Our Cornucopia overflows with a consciousness of universality, fusing together post-modern critical thinking with an appreciation for history, philosophy, psychology, Gnosticism, religion, art and multi-cultural acts of creation. Our philosophy attempts to de-colonize Euro-centric Paganism and rigid gender norms through creativity and honoring the diversity of the Gods as well as the diversity of humanity; our rituals, often as political, psychological and creative as they are spiritual, seek not only deep transformation for ritual goers but for all the world.


Our Cornucopia overflows with authenticity and innovation, valuing both historical accuracy while understanding the context from which the construction of all religion is born.  We seek to expand our own awareness of these paradigms while bringing this awareness to the greater community through education, ritual and process. 

Our Cornucopia overflows with deep spiritual awareness, self-development, healing and growth.  We do this through both direct action in the Pagan community and community at large, and through magical transformational work within ourselves.

Our Mission:

It is the mission of Cornucopia to foster within a closed, dedicated coven, a deeper spirit of fellowship, magic and support for those who seek training and the fruits of service, compassionate leadership, union with the Divine, and deep transformational work as a part of their Pagan religious orientation.


Our further mission, within the Greater Boston Pagan community, is to create a focal point for a reliable Pagan spiritual community that embraces diversity and provides Boston area Pagans with access to public ritual, thoughtful religious education and compassionate support.



Our Vision:

We, the members of Cornucopia, envision a close knit coven guided by the wisdom and magic of the divine.  It is our vision to create an inner circle grounded in intellectual, spiritual, emotional, magical and ethical development of Pagan clergy, teachers, mentors and community leaders. 


We, further envision, a strong Boston Pagan community, bolstered by robust, ethical, spiritual teaching; characterized by transformative love, and sustained by compassionate leadership rooted in conscious action and service.


Our Values:

We, the members of Cornucopia, seek to honor the knowledge and skill of all individuals within our coven while valuing and respecting the depth and breadth of wisdom that only comes from experience.  Our values are rooted in constancy, stability, integrity and wisdom; our inner circle ethos (echoed in our community ethos) is one of respect, support, warmth, confidentiality, empathy and mediation.


May our values be reflected in our community efforts; as we offer public events and education that are: consistent, safe, reliable, visible, affordable and easily accessible via public transportation.  The needs and well-being of the community and individuals within the community are our priority; in keeping with that value, our community ethos is one of respect, support, warmth, confidentiality, empathy and our Anti-Harassment Policy* will be held stringently, to the betterment of all.