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Shelley Holloway, M.Ed
Blessings! I’m a Pagan Priestess & Witch with nearly 30 years of dedication and service to the Goddess. I am rooted in Reconstructionist & Reclaiming traditions; my practice is a weaving together of the deeply spiritual, deeply psychological, and the deeply political.  Being grounded in the intersection and interconnection of all things; I am driven to look for the “notes in between” the stories we are told in our history books and the deeper truths that echo from the recesses of the Earth Herself. I believe in equality, justice and the sacredness of all things; I revel in transformational journeys of the soul, celebrate our common search for meaning in life, & finding healing in community and each other. 
I am a healer by nature, an avid Astrologer, tarot enthusiast, ritual facilitator, and community organizer.  I am passionate about the Boston Pagan Community and helping it to grow and thrive.  I love to learn, love to teach and love helping others connect with the divine. 
I am also available for private Pastoral Counseling sessions & Astrological readings. I specialize in Karmic Astrology; reading start at $85 (Pagan Community Discount) for an hour long session.
I also love facilitating rites of passage, please feel free to inquire about Handfastings, Wiccanings, and other private rituals. 
Please use the link below to contact me regarding any of my services or to schedule an appointment. 

Angel H.

Greetings! I'm a lifelong Spiritual Seeker and Finder; raised from eclectic Pagan roots and the spirituality of the Indigenous Americas. Currently exploring the African Diaspora traditions of my ancestors, I also enjoy working with crystals and essential oils. I am happy and humbled to co-create with this community.  


Merry meet! I am Becki, a Priestess, lifelong protector, and wandering spirit. Although I'm a new Priestess with Cornucopia, I've been a practicing Wiccan since I was 15 and a Pagan my whole life. I grew up in rural North Carolina, planting and living by the signs of the moon. As a teenager I was introduced to the Goddess and finally found the spiritual path I had been seeking for years. 


After years in Boston, I found Cornucopia during a search for kindred spirits and in an effort to take my practice from solitary to one of solidarity. My degrees are both in the field of psychology, and the overlap between psychology and witchcraft is wide (and no coincidence). My purpose in life is to be an advocate and protector, of both humans and otherwise. 


I look forward to hearing your story, helping you navigate the aspects of witchcraft and paganism that call to you, and helping the Cornucopia Coven and Collective advance our mission of both development and innovation of the Pagan community in Boston. 


I do a great deal of work with herbs, candle magic, and divination, and look to serve as a mentor for witches both new to the craft and looking to further their commitment. 

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