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Cornucopia Collective Anti-Harassment Policy

Cornucopia Collective and its extended open community operating under the name of “Pagans & Witches of Greater Boston” (via Facebook and is an organization committed to creating a safe and welcoming environment for both religious activity and friendly networking. We understand that the outcome of these events may result in both platonic and romantic relationships and support the efforts of consenting adults to engage in all forms of companionship and partnership.


The position of the Cornucopia Collective revolves around  the cornerstone values of consent and respect in all person-to-person interactions by all participants in Cornucopia events. Any interactions that disrespect these values are not tolerated. Our intention is to foster a physically, emotionally, spiritually, and energetically safe environment. All attendees of our events therefore agree to these rules while attending our events. Incidents between attendees of Cornucopia events outside of scheduled events will also be held to this policy. 


Cornucopia Collective does not condone any form of abuse, manipulation, or harassment  as defined by this organization below:


1) Abuse is the verbal, physical, and emotional intimidation and maltreatment of an individual both in a singular incident and over a long period of time. This includes all forms of nonconsensual sexual acts between adults and all forms of sexual acts involving a minor. Examples of verbal abuse include comments like “you will never find someone better than me,” “no one likes you,” “you are not good enough to attend that workshop,” etc. Examples of physical abuse include hitting, grabbing, or any form of inappropriate and nonconsensual touching, etc. Examples of emotional abuse include gas lighting, humiliation, manipulation, blaming, threats, or pushing someone beyond their comfort zone without consent, etc.


2) Manipulation is the malicious control of individuals for the purpose of personal or financial gain. This includes the misrepresentation of the cost of spiritual services such as tarot and astrology readings by members of the Collective.


3) Harassment is the unwanted contact of an aggressor to another individual over all forms of communication. This includes incidents over texting, social media, and all forms of digital communication. Examples of harassment are:


  • Bullying – the targeted and mean spirited harassment or unwanted teasing of an individual for their race, religion, spiritual beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity, occupation, political views, veteran status, ableness, marital status, level of education, health status (including HIV and AIDS), nationality, immigration status, and all other protected categories – is not tolerated. 


  • Stalking – the act or an instance of harassing another in an aggressive, often threatening and illegal manner.. Stalking behaviors include following someone from Cornucopia events to their home or place of employment, keeping an independent record of another person’s activities and comments, frequently showing up at another member’s home or workplace uninvited by that individual, etc. is not tolerated.

All reports of sexual assault, physical abuse, and stalking will be reported to appropriate legal bodies.

Any aggressor found to be abusing controlled substances that are found to be a contributing factor to their inappropriate behavior are required to bring documentation of attendance for counseling meetings (for example Alcoholics Anonymous) before attending another Cornucopia event.

In the event that an aggressor continues their behavior or refuses to attend any mediation meetings or to acknowledge their actions, they will be immediately barred from future events. If anyone violates this rule, the police will be called immediately and charges will be pressed. 

All persons accused of abusive or harassing behavior in leadership positions will be immediately suspended from leading rituals and teaching classes until the matter is resolved.

Any person who attends Cornucopia events and experiences any form of negative behaviors should contact the Organizational Team immediately. All cases will be investigated and the appropriate action will be taken. We understand that misunderstandings will happen between members and encourage people to talk through problems that arise. However abuse, manipulation, and harassment are not mere misunderstandings and will require a commitment to healing by the victim, the aggressor, and the Collective.

All forms of mediation and counseling will be made available to both parties in cases of harassment, manipulation, and abuse. The Cornucopia Collective prides itself on its culture of mediation and all attempts will be made to discuss the incident between both parties to find the best solution. Both individuals involved in the incident should come to the meeting willing to honestly talk and listen.

Any victim of abusive or harassing behavior will have the full support of the Collective and are encouraged to reach out to other members for support and counseling.

As part of the healing process, the Goddess in her dark forms – Lilith, Hecate, Kali, Ceredwyn, the Morrighan, Persephone, etc. – may be called upon by the victim and Collective. Aggressors be warned.

For more information on abuse and harassment laws in Massachusetts, please consult the Massachusetts Government Court System Harassment Policies

If anyone wants information on appropriate behavior in relationships including issues of consent, please consult Bedsider

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