The Cornucopia Educational Philosophy: Pagan spiritual learning & development is a lifelong journey!!! 

We believe that critical thinking is an underused skill in much of Pagan education.  We offer the depth of an academic yet intuitive approach; believing that the best education is both thoroughly researched, genuine, transparent and ultimately personalized and individualized to each student. Along with our holistic educational philosophy we also bring a breadth of experience as Pagan ritual leaders, magical practitioners, and devoted clergy. 


Lead by experienced Pagan ritual leaders, magical practitioners, and devoted clergy; we not only offer rote material typical of Wiccan first degree training (and beyond!), we invite you to interact with the material, think about it critically, explore the undercurrents of our basic assumption about Wicca, Witchcraft and modern Pagan worship and find the “notes in between” what we know and what we dare to dream for our beloved Pagan faith.

Our Wicca 101 Course Series: First Year Students

Our Wicca 101 Course Series, is offered on a continuous cycle throughout the year, and is focused on learning about the Wiccan religion & attaining magical skills and competencies. Understanding that spiritual learning and development is a lifelong journey, it is our hope that our Wicca 101 Courses lay the foundation for deeper synthesis and understanding of Paganism, Wicca and Witchcraft as a religious practice, as a magical system and as a way of life.


All Wicca 101 classes are offered for a nominal fee of $25.

Second Year Students & Beyond


For those who have completed our First Year Wicca 101 course series, we offer by invitation only, the opportunity to further develop their magical skills and competencies within the Wiccan faith. Admission to the second year studies is not a guarantee of full initiation into the coven but it is a step towards it if that's what the student desires.