Cornucopia Coven at a Glance

  • Gender: Cornucopia Coven is an all-genders coven, we welcome all gender expressions; male identified, female identified, trans identities, gender non-binary, gender fluidity; we honor and respect all forms in which gender can take.

  • Size: as with most covens, Cornucopia holds the ideal of thirteen members, but we put no minimum or maximum on the numbers within our closed, inner circle.

  • Ritual Style: While our public rituals are always scripted and stay within the Wiccan Ritual framework for the sake of consistency and comfort for those who are participating. The inner circle rituals are less scripted, more improvised and open to experimentation and innovation.  

  • Teaching Style: We offer to our open community a formal curriculum grounded in our Wicca 101 course and supplemental learning through participation in our open rituals. For those participating in the Wicca 101 Course, this year long course of study is intended to enhance both the understanding of witchcraft as well as facilitate a deeper, personal connection with one's own practice. After completion of the Wicca 101 personal & educational requirements, those seeking further training, may be invited to participate in a second year course of study, which may or may not lead to a formal dedication within the Cornucopia Coven. 

  • Decision Making Style: Cornucopia Coven veers toward consensus as its preferred form of decision making; however, we understand that this is not always possible. When consensus is not possible, decision making transfers to the Coven Elders who will make the final call.

  • Time Demands: There are several community offerings each month, however there is no expectation or demand that people in the open community attend each event.  The exaction within the Cornucopia Coven, because of the high level of dedication and expectation, is that Coven member attend each event (both inner circle and outer circle events), and if for some reason they cannot be present, they make this known to the coven Elders.

  • Theological Emphasis: Cornucopia Coven and its community offerings emphasize pluralism and diversity.  While we cannot be all things to everyone, we sincerely, and respectfully make every attempt to offer ritual and learning from a vast array of pantheons, traditions and perspectives. We honor the Goddess in all her forms - we honor the God in all his forms - and we honor humanity in all its forms.

  • Programing Emphasis: Since the main goal of the Cornucopia Coven is the creation of highly attuned and educated Pagan Clergy; that goal is echoed in our inner circle programming, which is the development and health of our extended community and it’s programming. We do this because we believe wholeheartedly in the power of community and people coming together in a safe space where they can be affirmed and not “othered” or judged.

  • Perspective on Magic: For Cornucopia Coven, magic is a source of empowerment, healing and connection with the divine and each other. We believe that the purpose of magic is about developing an intimate connection with the universe and fulfilling our divine purpose as co-creators of the world. To do this we seek to deepen our understanding of the Hermetic Principle and the ethical principles that are born from them.

  • Social Contract: The Cornucopia Coven and Community social contract is one that believes wholehearted in the power of relationship. We make no restrictions on what form these relationships take – save for incidents where the relationship is harmful to the individual or collective; for these incidents we use our anti-harassment policy as a gage for required action.

  • Relationship and Collaboration with other Groups or Individuals: Because our social contract and community ethos is one of collaboration, relationship and support; we welcome any opportunity to network with other covens, practitioners or collaborators. To facilitate networking and community, Cornucopia Coven operated the website: to increase visibility and cooperation between Boston area Pagans, Witches, Wiccans, and other magical practitioners.

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